Rabu, 29 Juni 2011


Download Video With FDV

  • Rabu, 29 Juni 2011
  • Ikwan Subandi
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    1. I want to download video from YouTube (MetaCafe, MegaVideo, etc.)
      Paste the required video's URL into the "URL" field and click "ADD". Specify the required settings and the name of the video and click "Download".

    2. I want to convert video into AVI format (MP4. MP3, WMV, etc.)
      In "Converter" tab click "ADD", choose the file that you want to convert, then specify the output video format in "Convert to:" field, specify the required settings and click "GO"

    3. I want to download Streaming video
      In order to start using this feature, you need to install WinPcap add-on. You will be able to download streaming video from the most poplar sites, like

    We also give a 99% guarantee that you will be able to download video from any YouTube-like site.

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